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Book Talk Review; Sweet Sofie

Elizabeth gives us another fantastic romance is Sweet Sofie (The Moreno Brothers #3)

 Her entire life, Sofia Moreno has dealt with overbearing brothers. With her three older brothers always lurking, no boy would dare reach out to her. Luckily for Sofia, the one boy she's got her heart set on has always been within reach: her brother's best friend Eric, even though his loyalty to her brothers runs deep. Sofia knows there is only so much he can do before giving in to her.

 Two years older than her, Eric Diego has always known there would be hell to pay if he messed with his best friend's kid sister, Sofia. Through the years, he watches as she blooms into a beautiful young lady right before his eyes. With teenage hormones raging and Sofia more than willing, Eric agrees to the unthinkable: a forbidden secret romance. Feeling emotions and a feverish passion that's new to them both, neither is ready for how quickly their romance spins out of control.

 YA Mature/ …

News Alert; Book Talk Promo

Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan...

I don't have the links, but if I get them I will post!

News Alert

Crux by Miranda Kavi is live, this is book 2 in The Aurora Lockette Series....

CRUX (The Aurora Lockette Series book 2) is LIVE and ONLY 99¢!
Haven’t read FLEE yet? No problem – grab it for only 99¢ as well!
Find Miranda Kavi on Facebook - Release day PARTY tomorrow! Join us -

I’ve been captured by the Shyama.

They've revealed their origins… and mine.

I will escape, I will live, and I will see Gavyn again.

After the Shyama brazenly kidnap Aurora in a crowded Las Vegas Casino, others in the
Organization soon go missing. Her friends, family, and Gavyn sink into despair as hours pass
into days with no leads, but Gavyn refuses to give up the search.

During Aurora’s captivity, she learns the terrible truth of the identity of the Shyama and her own kind.
Worse yet, the Shyama have horrible plans that will destroy everyone she …

Book Talk Review; Always Been Mine

The Moreno Brothers book 2 Always Been Mine, If you loved Angel Moreno in Forever Mine, Be Prepared to fall hopelessly in love and affection with the hot sexy and totally alpha male Alex Moreno...

News Alert

So I mentioned in a earlier post that I am going to start to do Blog Tours, this is huge and exciting.

 So I got word from a couple of the Tours that I am participating in and I have things Scheduled in for January 28th-29th which is Tuesday and Wednesday, Being that I already have things Scheduled for the rest of the week with the Book Talks on Elizabeth Reyes I might have to do Wednesday... We're play it by ear.

 I also have two Blog tour in February, one on the 6th and one on the 11th.

 Because of the Tours the scheduling my be off for a couple of things but don't worry I will fit in what I can.

 I am doing a review on the book for the February 6th  Blog Tour... So I am excited about that, I am not going to give you the name you are just going to have to come and see.

 Also when I post Blog Tours/Cover Releases and anything in that nature you will be able to find them under the Book Talk Review tab... They all won't have Reviews because I will only occasionally sign up…

Book Talk Review; Forever Mine

Forever Mine; book 1 in The Moreno Brothers series...