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Release; Bound

Title: Bound (The Devil's Due)
Author: Eva Charles

Genre: Romantic Suspense & Alpha Hero/Protector
Release Date: February 20, 2020

Father Creighton and Smith Sinclair.

Two dangerous men inexplicably drawn to me.

One bound by a holy vow, the other by duty and honor.

One emphatically covets my soul.

The other, despite his regrets, desires my heart.

Each demands I surrender my body to his control.

A priest and a soldier.

A demon and a knight.

An eternity in darkness, or a lifetime of love and light.

In the end, I have only seconds to decide.

Release; Plum

Title: Plum
Series: A Steel Bones MC Romance
Author: Cate C. Wells

Genre: Contemporary/MC Romance
Release Date: February 21, 2020

Cover Design: Clarise Tan of CT Cover Creations

We're from two different worlds, but in her arms, I'm home.


Life didn't give me a silver spoon. It gave me tetanus. When Adam Wade walks into my club, I know I'm in trouble. His money I can handle. But sweet words, gentle hands? I don't know what to do with that. Eventually, he's gonna wise up and walk away. If I let him in, what'll be left of me when he goes?


I'm the adopted son of the man who owns the city. I was born into nothing, and I've earned my seat at the table. But at night, when I can't sleep, I'm haunted by the pieces of myself I've disowned to make it this far.

I don't know why Plum caught my eye, but I can't look away. Maybe it's her brave face, her fight, her quirks. I'm obsessed, all-in with my eyes screwed shut. 

Then life throws a …

Sale; The Complete Tempest Rock Star Series

Series Title: The Complete Tempest Rock Star Series (Books 1-6)
Author: Michelle Mankin
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: January 3, 2019

Six bestselling full length novels.

Your all access backstage pass to the world's most dysfunctional rock band.

Tempest rocking.

Tempest rolling.

Tempest raging out of control.

The complete series includes all six books boxed together digitally for the first time ever. Over 1200 pages. It also includes a bonus excerpt of The Right Man.


Two years ago everything changed for the remaining members of the Seattle rock band Tempest.

Two years is a long time.

Too long to keep on remembering. 

Not nearly long enough to forget.

In trouble with nowhere else to go songstress Lace Lowell seeks refuge with the band during their stop in New York City. It's a risky move for her because they are both there, two impossibly good looking men whose lives are inseparably entwined with hers. One who bruised her heart and one who smashed it into pieces.