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Book Talk Review; Twinkle Toes

I'm crying tears of joy 

America has a new sweetheart – and he comes wearing sequins...

Figure skater Andy Robbins, called “twinkle toes” by childhood bullies for his exuberant style, is finally getting the last laugh. After winning Silver at the Winter Olympics, Andy becomes a media sensation with his hilarious interviews and colorful social media posts – but all that glitters is not made of Gold medals.

A homophobic politician won’t stop sniping at Andy on Twitter, and a jealous older rival may have designs of his own. But all that is thrown into even higher gear when Andy meets deliciously sexy speed skater Gus Sanchez, and the frigid Olympic Village sees fireworks it hasn’t witnessed since the days of Nancy and Tonya…

Through the headlines and the hookups, Andy learns the most important thing he could ever do is stand proud atop his (very twinkly) ice skates and remain what he has struggled to be his entire life: himself, unapologetically. And the haters will just have to deal wit…

Blog Tour; The Choices Series

Series Title: The Choices Series
Titles: Choices ~ Forgiveness ~ Acceptance
Author: Sheila Bliss
Genre: Contemporary Romance

One choice can change the world…well, mine at least.
I didn’t know I needed him.
I didn’t know I wanted him.
I was safe in the choices I already made. 
Loving him is effortless and reckless.
But the choices he forces me to make traps me in a web of lies, betrayal, abduction and deceit. 
Will I be able to find my way out before I lose everyone I love, including him?
Here are the following:

Cover Reveal; Reclaim

Title: Reclaim
Series: A Redemption Novel
Author: Marley Valentine
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 29, 2018

Cover Artist: PopKitty Design

Unlike most eighteen year olds, I had the weight of the world on my young shoulders. Desperate to do right by my family, my questionable choices led me to the pits of hell. 
Steel bars, three meals a day and no contact with the outside world; regret consumed my every thought. Desperate to pay my penance, forgiveness and a happily ever after wasn’t the plan.
But there she was. 
Warm, passionate and unexpected, Emerson Lane was the light at the end of the tunnel. She was all a man like me could want and everything I didn’t deserve. 
Redemption wasn’t something I thought I would ever find. Until she found me.
Prologue The metal rubs roughly against my skin, cutting deep into my wrists, as forceful hands press into the middle of my back, urging me forward. My feet shuffle around the splattered blood decorating the tiled floor, and my eyes wander over…