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Book Spotlight; SHE

Hey y'all today, I have a Book Spotlight of SHE by Annabel Fanning to share with you! 
SHE is a contemporary erotic novel about two Americans  living in Paris who are reacquainted and embark on a hot, whirlwind romance.

Logan has loved Gemima for years.
Gemima doesn't know.
After her deadpan relationship implodes, Logan seizes his chance to rock her world.
Set in picturesque Paris, SHE is an erotic tale about falling madly in love. Combining sex, passion, and romance, these two high-flying professionals will leave you saying, “Oh, la la!”
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Kindle US:   USD$3.99
Kindle UK:  UK£2.49

Release Day Blitz; Barred

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Synopsis Daycare owner, Kimberly Weston, has an amazing life and a growing business. One second was all it took for destruction to occur and now she can lose everything that she worked so hard to achieve. Distraught and afraid, she reaches out to the two most sought after lawyers in the state of Louisiana. What she finds is unexpected. Emerson Stanley, tall, dark and handsome. Also cocky and arrogant sends Kimberly away. When leaving his office she runs into his partner, Jonathon Phillips. Being the complete opposite of Emerson in most ways, Jonathon is kind and funny. Kimberly feels drawn to both in a different way. One comment is all it takes to have her thoughts get carried away. When an agreement is met and business turns to pleasure, can the three keep a level head? Or will she lose everything and end up behind bars? 
This book is for adults 18 and older... This book contains sexual acts.
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Spotlight Tour

Broken Fences It took her two years to land Colden "Saint" James, even if it was for only one night, but the very next day, he was gone. Dusty Owens always had a certain kind of power over Colden. He'd been so close to falling for the girl before he'd left Odessa. Now, due to a troublemaking photo, Colden James must return to protect the one woman he could never forget. The woman he's always wanted but was too afraid to take. Trouble is, he's a changed man. And now, when Colden wants something, he's got no problem taking it. When the "Saint" returns home, Dusty Owens and her wounded heart put up a real good fight. But deep down the strong-willed, mechanical bull riding, bar owner knows that she'll always be that girl in love with Colden "Saint" James. For when it comes to the southern drawl, tattooed, alpha male, Dusty finds herself submitting to his every command. Stand-Alone Series *Warning~ This title contains…

Release Day Blitz; Snare

Title: SNARE (Delirious, #1) Author: Clarissa Wild Release Date: November 25, 2014 Genre: Dark Romance

His secrets will destroy her.Taken.Humiliated.Used.With his smart mouth, dirty talking, and possessive behavior, Sebastian Brand has me hooked in the most shameless way. I’m obsessed with him. However, now that I’ve escaped the mental hospital, he seeks to control my every move.The overwhelming aloofness in his attitude and the darkness in his mind tells me there is more to this man than sheer dominance. Depravity is his playground and pain is a necessary evil.Keeping me away was his first instinct.Capturing me was his second.Claimed by a man with the exterior of an angel and the mind of a brute, I will do anything to unveil his secrets and face my own demons.A body in exchange for freedom. A heart in exchange for truth.Life is never a given. Only a certain death.This is Volume 1 in the Delirious Series, which contains 3 volumes and a prequel. This book is a fu…

Cover Reveal; Lies Unspoken

Cover Reveal  Lies Unspoken (Flawed Love Series #1)
By  Lisa DeJong

Lies Unspoken (Flawed Love)

Designer/Photographer: Mae I Design & Photography
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Release Date: December 14th, 2014

I tried hard not to fall for the bad guy.

My new roommate, Blake, is a jerk—an unemployed artist with a chip on his shoulder.  I can’t stand him unless his hands are on me.  He makes me desperate for him, and everything he makes me feel.

And then there’s my new boss, Pierce--successful, charming, and extremely good-looking.  He goes after what he wants, but what does he see in me?

I try to stay away, but I end up in the arms of exactly who I was hiding from.  And when I find out what’s being hidden from me, my heart twists in ways it never should.

I thought I knew him.

I didn't.

The way he kissed me.

The way his hands traveled every inch of my skin. I thought it meant something, but as it turns out, it was all lies unspok…

Release; (Un)Bidden

(Un) Bidden by Melissa Haag Release Day Blitz