Book Spotlight; SHE

 Hey y'all today, I have a Book Spotlight of SHE by Annabel Fanning to share with you! 

SHE is a contemporary erotic novel about two Americans  living in Paris who are reacquainted and embark on a hot, whirlwind romance.

 Logan has loved Gemima for years.
Gemima doesn't know.
After her deadpan relationship implodes, Logan seizes his chance to rock her world.
Set in picturesque Paris, SHE is an erotic tale about falling madly in love. Combining sex, passion, and romance, these two high-flying professionals will leave you saying, “Oh, la la!”

Buy links
Kindle US:   USD$3.99
Kindle UK:  UK£2.49

About The Author

I'm sort of international in terms of my parents' mixed-nationalities and where I've lived, but I think of myself as British. 
I spent my childhood in an idyllic Scottish country town.
 Now I live in Perth, Western Australia.
The idea for SHE came to me at the beginning of this year. 
I was working on a website as a freelance editor and I saw several posts about writers required for short erotic stories. 
My curiosity was sparked!!
I wrote the first two pages of SHE and something clicked within me.
 I knew I wanted to (had to) keep writing it and a plot formed in my mind soon after.
Because this was my first piece of erotic writing I had anticipated that SHE would be a short story, but once these characters got going they could not keep their hands off of each other.
Very soon I surpassed the 100k mark and I had so much I still wanted to write, and so decided to cut SHE in Parts 1 & 2.
I published SHE part 1 a few weeks ago (have you got your copy yet?) Part 2 will follow next year. 


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