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Release Blitz; First Touch


Meet Reeve & Emily in First Touch by Laurelin Paige! 
This highly anticipated release is NOW LIVE!

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When Emily Wayborn goes home to visit her mom while on hiatus from her hit TV show, she receives a voicemail from her former best friend, Amber.
 Though the two were once notorious party girls, they haven't spoken in years. Although the message might sound benign to anyone else, Amber uses a safe word that Emily recognizes, a word they always used to get out of sticky situations during their wild days. 
And what's more chilling than the voicemail: it turns out that Amber has gone missing.

Determined to track down her friend, Emily follows a chain of clues that lead her to the enigmatic billionaire Reeve Sallis, a hotelier known for his shady dealings and play boy reputation.
 Now, in order to find Amber, Emily must seduce Reeve to learn his secrets and discover the whereabouts of her friend. 
But as she finds herself more entangled with him, she finds she's drawn to Reeve for more than just his connection to Amber, despite her growing fear that he may be the enemy. 
When she's forced to choose where her loyalty lies, how will she decide between saving Amber and saving her heart? 

About The Author

Laurelin Paige is the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Fixed Trilogy. She's a sucker for a good romance and gets giddy anytime there's kissing, much to the embarrassment of her three daughters. Her husband doesn't seem to complain, however. When she isn't reading or writing sexy stories, she's probably singing, watching Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead, or dreaming of Michael Fassbender. She's also a proud member of Mensa International though she doesn't do anything with the organization except use it as material for her bio.

STALK HER: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest


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Book Talk Review; SNAP

Holy shit


 I never would've guessed my life would lead me where I am today, wedged between a stalker and a stranger in the midst of a drug war that I'm unsure of how I entered.

  One wants to hurt me, the other seems to want to heal me, but there's more that he's after and I don't know if I can give him what he seeks.


 I was sent to find answers when no one else could find them.
What I found was a woman in need and a psycho dealer working toward his own agenda.

 I wasn't to get involved, but her eyes call to me and I know they hold the information I seek.


 She doesn't think I'm good enough for her.
But I'll show her.

 Hazel belongs to me and has since that night that I claimed her.
I'll get back into her good graces.  

 I have to.
She has something of mine and I'm not stopping until I have it all.

 Omg. Holy shit. I need the other two books in this trilogy. This shit is crazy. 

 I'm all for books that mess with your mind, I enjoy being tested, but this is something else. 

 And I loved every single word of this book. 

 I can't give you a run down because you have to experience this for yourself. You might not even believe me. And to tell you the truth I don't even believe everything that happened. But this book is half mind-fuck, and half I don't even know what.

 There is some romance, two guys, one girl, you know that there is some fucked up shit that is going to go on. And if you haven't noticed I'm going to use some bad words because well that's how I feel. 

 Hazel doesn't know how or why she got caught up in this madness, all she knows is that there are driving forces out there and that no matter where she turns, it leads her deeper into a world she doesn't know. 

 Cash is out there, trying to find answers. He can do it. But Hazel is there, complicating things for him. Somewhere along the way he gets tangled up in the mess. 

 Phil. He wants Hazel, but he also wants what she has. 

 Three lost people, all gaining and losing in a war that they can't seem to find a way out of. 

 Compelling? Hell yes. Confusing? Very. Intriguing?  From the first page. 

 I can't wait to see what Tara has in store for these characters. There is so much that is going on, I am afraid to get caught up, because who knows what could happen at the end. 

 If you like mind-fucks, then this is the book for you. Tara is a master at writing compelling plots with complex characters, I don't know who to hate and who to love. 

About The Author

Tara Dawn is a married, stay-at-home mom who homeschools her three sons. When she's not busy with them, you can find her reading, talking about other authors and books over at Word Wenches Guilty Pleasure book blog, writing, crafting, or hula hooping. She wears many hats and finds that if you aren't learning something new everyday, then you aren't living to your full potential.

She's addicted to Facebook and loves connecting with others and making new friends. You can find her on there all times of the day. Stop by her page and say hello or shoot her a friend request. She loves shooting the shit on the regular. Just beware that she curses like a sailor.

~Connect with Tara~

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Release Blitz; Break Even

Meet River & Marley in this emotionally twisted - unconventional stand alone by Lisa DeJong
 This is a good one y'all! -Abri

Break Even is NOW AVAILABLE!
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My story isn’t a love story … not the typical kind anyway.

As a lawyer, I’m used to discovery, but I never saw this one coming.

Every day, River gives me ten reasons to stay away, and then eleven reasons why I can't. 
Our relationship was to remain strictly business, or at least I tried.

Four years of marriage, and everything with Cole has changed.
 I never knew two people who lived together could be so distant.
 But I’m not ready to give up on him.

One man wants to break me.

The other is just trying to get even.

Both are lying to me.

***This is a standalone contemporary romance (though a little unconventional and twisted!)***

“Do you shower yourself in arrogance every morning, Mr. Holtz? You may want to use a little less next time.” My toes curl in the water, but I hold my voice steady.

He grips my hips, sliding my body close to his. If his cock is any indication, he’s just as turned on by this back and forth as I am. “Just admit you like it. You like having someone take care of your every need. You like having all my attention, and you definitely like my cock.”

“River,” I breathe as he kisses a line from my jawline to my shoulder.

“Admit it. You like me,” he says, his lips moving against my skin.

My fingers curl against his back. “Make me,” I taunt, enjoying the way he teases.

He groans, his lips pulling away from me. He stares, his eyes only inches from mine. He’s baiting the truth, but something tells me he already knows. And, I can’t stand that he’s not touching me, not when his words still play over and over in my head. I want to know what he’s capable of; it’s hard to believe I haven’t already seen and felt the best of him.

He cocks his head to the side, and I can’t take it. “I kind of like you. Now, kiss me.” As I hear my own words, I realize they’re true. I kind of like River Holtz, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about that.

“Kind of?” he asks, lifting his brow.

Damn him. If someone would have told me eleven days ago when River walked in my office that I’d be telling this man I like him let alone naked in his tub, I would have called them crazy.

“I like you,” I blurt before pressing my lips to his. I’m completely consumed. Addicted. 

About The Author
Lisa De Jong is a wife, mother and full-time number cruncher who lives in the Midwest. Her writing journey involved insane amounts of coffee and many nights of very little sleep but she wouldn't change a thing. She also enjoys reading, football and music.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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Release Blitz; The One Box Set


International bestselling military romance: Get the complete, darkly seductive love story of Derek & Melissa. 
Three Full-Length, Red-Hot Military Romantic Suspense Novels in one set.



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Cover design by Perfect Pear Creative

Cover image by Perrywinkle Photography

WARNING: Due to strong language and intense sexual situations, these books are not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Book #1 - ONE TO HOLD: When Derek Alexander, retired Marine and top private investigator, encounters small-town girl Melissa Jones at a spa resort in the desert, the two embark on a weeklong, white-hot affair.
 He’s determined to hold her, but she’s running from a past that could tear them apart.

Book #2 - ONE TO PROTECT: Derek and Melissa are planning a life together, with a baby on the way… Until a face from the past turns up dead.
 Derek knows Melissa is still in danger, and seeing no other option, he launches a dark chain of events to protect his little family.

Book #3 - ONE TO SAVE: A secret is never safe when more than one person knows it.
 Refusing to let anyone pay for his crimes, Derek takes matters into his own hands. 
He's exposed, he's defenseless, but his friends are determined to save him.

Exclusive Sneak Peek – ONE IMMORTAL (Ch. 1-5): Melissa is a vampire; Derek is a vampire hunter. 
When the two cross paths in a bar off Bourbon Street, sparks fly. 
But Melissa is hiding a secret that could cost Derek his life.

Readers say….
"FIVE STARS for the entire ONE TO HOLD series!!!" -Aleatha Romig, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Consequences series

"Great writing, steamy romance, humor, and a lot of heart." -Mia Sheridan, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Archer's Voice 

One to Protect

By Tia Louise

© TLM Productions LLC, 2014

“A Physical Reminder”


The cottage is dark when I arrive at 6 a.m. Elaine is the only one with an early wake-up call, so it’s possible I can get into Melissa’s room before they’re up and stirring. Driving all night might not have been the most restful approach, but with the energy surging through my chest, I knew I wouldn’t get any sleep anyway. I’ll nap a few hours this morning and be ready to go without losing a day.

Dropping my duffel by the stainless fridge inside, I ease off my boots and place them one at a time by the door doing my best to keep quiet. Grabbing a water bottle, I head to Melissa’s bedroom, but I nearly slam it against the skull of a half-dressed Patrick. He’s right around the corner, holding a wooden baseball bat high, like he’s about to use my head for the winning homer in the World Series.

“SHIT!” we both whisper-shout.

“What the fuck?” Patrick lowers the bat and breathes.

I recognize the energy surging through his muscles. It matches the rapid tweaking of my own, and I need a second to recover.

“You could’ve shot me a text,” he groans, dropping onto the couch. “Did you fucking drive all night?”

“Couldn’t sleep.” I clap his shoulder as I pass. “Glad to see you’re on your toes. You’re officially off guard duty.”

“Hey!” I pause, and he tosses me the bat. “Happy to help. I’m going back to bed.”

Catching his “weapon,” my brow lines. “Think you’ll be able to sleep?”

“Nope.” That grin spreads across his face. It’s the same one that used to tick me off because I knew it meant I’d be cleaning up his shit sooner rather than later.

“Just keep it down. I don’t need to hear you getting any.”

He points back at me as he heads down the hall. “Right back atcha.”

Shaking my head, I turn Melissa’s bedroom door handle as softly as possible. Unlike my younger partner, I don’t plan to wake her this early. I know the pregnancy makes her tired, and I’ll be content to be beside her. It’ll be the first good rest I’ve had in four days, knowing she’s with me and safe.

She’s curled in her familiar sleeping position, and I can’t help a smile as the warmth of love fills me. I will never get tired of watching this woman sleep.

Jeans off, I whip the thin, navy sweater I’m wearing over my head and slip into her king-sized bed. She doesn’t even stir, and I’m happy she feels so secure with Patrick in the house. He might have been a pain in my ass in the past, but he’s more than made up for it with this assignment.

Easing closer to her, I lift her long, dark waves off the pillow and replace them with my head. She makes a soft noise and stirs, but she doesn’t wake. My arm goes above her, and our bodies are so close, I can feel the warmth radiating from her ivory skin.

Wrapping a dark curl around my finger, the tension slowly drains from my body. Being with her is enough. She’s home and comfort and warmth and all the good things I thought I’d never have again. She’s my future and my desire and my love, and the notion that some dickwad might try to hurt this woman, might threaten what I cherish…

She sighs and scoots closer to me, still asleep. The idea that she knows I’m here is incredibly satisfying. My own eyes are heavy, and I lower my head.In three breaths, I’m out.

About The Author
Tia Louise is the Amazon and International Bestselling author of the ONE TO HOLD series.

From “Readers’ Choice” nominations, to USA Today “Happily Ever After” nods, to winning the 2015 “Favorite Erotica Author” and the 2014 “Lady Boner Award” (LOL!), nothing makes her happier than communicating with fans and weaving new tales into the Alexander-Knight world of stories.

A former journalist, Louise lives in the center of the USA with her lovely family and one grumpy cat. There, she dreams up stories she hopes are engaging, hot, and sexy, and that cause readers rethink common public locations...

Books by Tia Louise:

One to Hold (Derek & Melissa), 2013

One to Keep (Patrick & Elaine), 2014

One to Protect (Derek & Melissa), 2014

One to Love (Kenny & Slayde), 2014

One to Leave (Stuart & Mariska), 2014

One to Save (Derek & Melissa), 2015

One to Chase (Amy & Marcus), 2015

One to Take (Stuart & Mariska), coming Jan/Feb 2016!

Paranormal Romances (all stand-alones):
One Immortal (Derek & Melissa, #SexyVampires), 2015

One Insatiable (Koa & Mercy, #AlphaShifters), 2015


Connect with Tia:

Amazon Author Page:




Instagram & Twitter: @AuthorTLouise

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Cover Reveal; Dangerous Ties

Dangerous Ties (A Ties Novel) by J.L. Beck

Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: Feb 1st 2016
Bestselling Author J.L. Beck brings you the next best thing in dark romance. Dangerous ties, a love story so raw and powerful it will set your lady-bits on fire.

"I was one of New York's most dangerous criminals. She was the good girl from down the street. I should've know what fate had planned the moment her name showed up on my kill list."

Reader Warning: Please be advised this is a dark romance. Some themes may cause triggers. 18+ Only.

He was bold, intoxicating, and held a darkness that pulled at my heart-strings.
I wanted him from the very first moment I saw him across the dance floor at the club.

She was quiet, but her eyes, and body said everything her words couldn't.
I didn't know who she was when I took her and made her my own.

We had already crossed a dangerous line that there was no coming back from.
We were on the run. 
From who I didn't know, but he told me it would all be okay. 
That he would do whatever he could to protect me from the people that were hunting us.

What I failed to see was that the monster had always been right within grabbing distance.

Now that I was apart of his world, his life, and hopefully his heart could I survive the carnage that was about to take place?

The ties that binded us, were also the ties that would end us.

I loved him, and now all that was left for me was death. 



Goodreads Link 

Release Blitz; Tutu's and Cowboy Boots

Title: Tutu’s & Cowboy Boots

Author: Casey Peeler

Release Date: Dec 28, 2015

Find on Goodreads

Cadence Lewis has been dancing since she could walk. 
Living in New York with her parents she has the chance to go to the best dance school in the country, but when her father does the unthinkable she’s forced to leave her dreams behind and move to a small southern town with her mom.
 Cadence is having a hard time adjusting to her new life when she meets Jade Carpenter. 
Jade starts to show Cadence that small-town life isn’t so bad, but when Cadence has a chance to go back to New York she is on the next flight and will do anything to get her old life back.
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iTunes

“What did you say? A stroke?” I ask with concern and confusion.

“Not literally. If you haven’t noticed it’s hot and sticky here, makes you feel like you’re a stick of butter melting. I can promise that you don’t want to be out here in the heat of the day, but if you don’t get to moving, you will be.”

“I’m not doing any of it Gran. This is not what I signed up to do.”

“Sugar, the moment you disrespected me was the moment I knew it was time to teach you a lesson or two about life. So pick up those boots and march your ass right in there.” Holy shit! Gran cursed!

“What? Shit ain’t a bad word. Look out there. There’s plenty of it,” she says pointing to the pasture. As I turn back to Gran I notice my cellphone lodged in a pile of crap.

“Gran, my phone! It landed in a pile of crap.”

“Well, brush it off.”

“Oh, no, I’m not touching that and now I need a new phone. How am I going to talk to Lauren and my other friends without a phone?”

“I have one in the house. Now quit your whining and get started on those stalls.”

Reluctantly, I follow Gran into the barn. Hearing a crazy sound, I have no idea what I’m about to do, but I pray it doesn’t have anything to do with a cow’s tatas.

Casey Peeler grew up in North Carolina and still lives there with her husband and daughter.

Growing up Casey wasn't an avid reader or writer, but after reading Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neal Hurston during her senior year of high school, and multiple Nicholas Sparks' novels, she found a hidden love and appreciation for reading. That love ignited the passion for writing several years later, and her writing style combines real life scenarios with morals and values teenagers need in their daily lives.

When Casey isn't writing, you can find her near a body of water listening to country music with a cold beverage and a great book.

Facebook | Twitter | Website | Goodreads

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Book Talk Review; Break Even

  I so wasn't ready for this book. But I wouldn't change a thing, I was so surprised by this book, it's hard to do that nowadays. So many thoughts...

 My story isn’t a love story … not the typical kind anyway.
As a lawyer, I’m used to discovery, but I never saw this one coming.

 Every day, River gives me ten reasons to stay away, and then eleven reasons why I can't. Our relationship was to remain strictly business, or at least I tried.

 Four years of marriage, and everything with Cole has changed. I never knew two people who lived together could be so distant. But I’m not ready to give up on him.

 One man wants to break me.
The other is just trying to get even.

 Both are lying to me.

 I was so not ready for this book. My view of Lisa De Jong has changed. I'm having to think really hard about what to say about this book. 

 Lisa has managed to evoke some emotion in me during every single one of her books.  Usually it's devastating emotions, but still. 

 I didn't feel that with this book. Not because there was no emotion in it, but because I understood it better. Does that make sense? 

 I appreciated the way that Marley handled the situations that she was placed in. Normally I find some fault in the actions of the characters, especially when they are "put" into these types of situations. 

 1. I am not going to give you and spoilers. 

 2. I believe that you put yourself in certain types of situations, fictional character or not. 

 That's just how I feel. 

 Anyways, I feel that Marley can't be hated, or judged, or whatever, for the choices she makes in this book. She deserves to make these type of situations.  

 *Note- This is not a cheating book. I've read cheating books, and this is not one of them. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on what makes a cheating book, but this isn't a cheating book in mine.  

 This is book is made to make you think. Once everything comes into light and you see just how twisted it is, it makes you change the opinions you formed at the beginning. 

 I think after the revelation things moved a little fast, after Marley kicked some ass it seemed that her life moved on quite quickly. Not that I'm complaining, I couldn't have dealt with the other shit she had to go through. Not after my mind was completely fucked. But I would have liked to have been shown rather than told. 

 Other than that I really enjoyed reading this book. I'm used to these romances with plenty of angst and a guy to swoon over, that's what I've come to expect from Lisa, but now that expectation has changed. And that's a good thing, nobody wants to write/read the same shit over and over again. 

 It's good to broaden your horizons, but when they fuck with your mind you get a little weary. Like as excited as I am about the next book Lisa has up her sleeve, Hear Me Now, I'm scared what's in store for us. 

 I was surprised by the fact that I didn't cry. Lie. Okay so I teared up a little toward the end because there was no way I was going to be able to hold it in (You'll understand if you read the book)  but other that than I was dry-eyed. 

 I think it had to do with the fact that I agreed with the book. I don't know how to explain it. I just agreed with the actions Marley took. I agreed so much with what was said about love and marriage. 

 This is a turning point for me the reader, and for Lisa the author. We both expanded our horizons with this book. And we're better for it. 

 So if you're ready to take a roller-coaster then go and buy this book. It is amazing. One of my top reads of 2015-which is saying something since I read a lot this year.  

 Give this book a chance you won't be disappointed. 

 *Quote- "Blame is a hard thing to cast when you can't recall when things started to go so wrong." -Marley

              "The one who made me believe in love shouldn't also be the one who makes me doubt it." -Marley

              "The promise of forever is no longer guaranteed." -Marley

              "I'm not the guy, but I'd like to be the one to show you what you're missing." -River


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