Release; Bold From It

Title: Bold From It
Series: Hellions Ride On
Author: Chelsea Camaron

Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: January 20, 2020

Opposites attract, driving emotions high, this is a passion-fueled ride… are you ready?


Born straight into Hell, the Hellions MC gave me a safety I never knew existed. Raised by Nathan “Boomer” Vaughn, I finally knew what it was to have a real family.

I found my place wearing this cut and taking this ride with him.

I am Colton “Kick” Vaughn.

I live for family, f*cking, and fun.


Life is good. Life is easy.

I am Diem Reigns.

I live a life of comfort and privilege.

When everything crashes around me, I find my only comfort with him. A biker who is reckless, careless, and everything my mother told me to stay away from suddenly becomes the only person I can trust.

She’s in danger with nowhere to turn. He’s determined to give her the ride of her life.

Hellions Ride On Born to It Bastard in It Bleed for It 

Cover Reveal; Waiting For My Queen

Title: Waiting For My Queen
Author: Georgia Cates

Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: March 3, 2020

Cover Designer: Georgia Cates


All I’ve ever wanted was to marry for love.

But girls like me don’t have that luxury.

We are used as pawns in a game we can’t control.

The game? It’s called Mafia.

I was foolish enough to try to change the rules… and I lost.


She was promised to me years ago.

And he dared to take her from me.

Dared to touch what was mine.

I put an end to that.

I hope he’s enjoying the view from his dirt room.


My beloved’s killer placed a ruby ring on my finger and called me his queen.  But that red gem symbolizes something different for me.

It represents the blood shed by those I love most.

Hell was empty the day we wed.

Because the devil was standing before me and said “I do.”


I saw her as a possession.

A shiny toy I didn’t want other boys to play with.

But she’s so much more.

Beautiful and brave and strong and broken all at once.

She tastes like …

Cover Reveal; Hard Work

Title: Hard Work
Series: A Cook Brothers Novel
Author: BJ Harvey

Genre: Co-Worker, Unrequited Love, House Flipping RomCom
Release Date: January 30, 2020

Having watched his brothers meet their match, Cohen Cook is feeling something he never anticipated—envy.

With a demanding job, and helping his brothers with their biggest flip project yet, he doesn’t have time to sleep with, let alone date, anyone.

Skye Rossi is a free spirit. She’s a take-her-as-you-see-her woman who works hard and plays hard, but the person she wants to play with friend-zoned her the minute they met.

When sparks fly between Cohen and Skye, the only way forward is to propose a mutually beneficial arrangement that no one knows about.

Besides, what’s the harm in a few orgasms between best friends?

*** Hard Work is a full-length, co-worker, unrequited love, house flipping romantic comedy that can be read as a complete standalone and is book 4 in the Cook County series.

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