Spotlight; Aether Magic

Title: Aether Magic
Series: Elements of Twilight #2
Author: Isobelle Carmichael

Genre: Adult Paranormal Harem Romance
Release Date: July 21, 2019

I survived the Blood Moon Ceremony... barely

Our pack is in ruins, ravaged by a traitor who left us to pick up the pieces.

My people need my help to rebuild, yet something went very wrong that night,  and I'm not the same wolf I used to be.

Now, I’m being forced into the Underworld in a desperate attempt to unravel the darkness coiling within me.

The only creature able to prevent my magical overload is a malevolent succubus who is sure to demand something in return.

And the way she ogles my men makes it clear she’s not to be trusted.

Let her look at me like I’m her next meal. She has no idea who she’s dealing with.

With my parents whisked into the Void, I have a pack to take care of, and Elders who will stop at nothing to kill me.

But my troubles don’t stop there.

The five delicious men I love are battling demons of their own and need me more than eve…

Release; Malevolence

Title: Malevolence
Series: The Dahlia Saga
Author: Natalie Bennett

Genre: Dark Erotic Romance
Release Date: August 21, 2019

She was a mother.

She was a bride.

Now she’s merely a woman trapped within a shattered mind.

With a body full of scars and a past forever gone, at Ch√Ęteau Dahlia carnage continues to unravel, and ghosts rise from the dead.

Sadist to masochist.

Monster to monster.

Malice and Malevolence collide.

“Je t’aime.”

“Moi, non plus.”