Release; Alexandria

Title: Alexandria
Series: The Widows of Birch Harbor Book 5
Author: Nancy George

Genre: Romance Suspense Novella
Release Date: November 13, 2019

Alexandria, wife of Peter Ashurst, is beautiful, conceited, and demanding. Her every whim is catered to. She is the queen of the rich and famous, and she’s reigning supreme. But one morning everything in Alexandria’s world vanishes, and she’s left with nothing and no one. 

Can she put aside her vanity and face the future bravely?

Two things unite the widows of Birch Harbor…

husbands and death.

Six women from different locations all living diverse lives. Married for better or worse, these women will have one thing in common. One by one they will wake up to face a brand-new day filled with hope and promises only to hear a single word which separates them from other women. Widow.

Some will relish in the prospect that their lives can finally begin. Others will try to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and face the future alone.

Fate has not y…

Release; Undone

Title: Undone
Author: Mia Kayla

Genre: Contemporary/New Adult Romance
Release Date: November 10, 2019

✔️A-list Hollywood Hottie

✔️Sweet, Savvy, Sarcastic heroine

✔️Love after Heartbreak

✔️Billionaire Brothers

✔️All the feels in one book

If you want a book to make you feel it all – Undone is your book.

✔️Uncontrollable Laughter 

✔️Gut Wrenching Feels 

✔️Swoony Happily Ever After

“The way my body reacted to him was undeniable, but the way my heart reacted was unprecedented.”

Calculated, clear, and concise.

That is how I like my life.

As head of Armstrong Realty, I acquire, conquer, and secure deals in the boardroom—and bedroom.

No strings attached is how I like my relationships.

But then Jordan—Mr. Hollywood A-list actor—shows up.

He has more strings than the 1000 thread count sheets I sleep on.

We both have reasons we’re unwilling to open up again.

And I can’t live through another heartbreak.

So I make a decision—a one-and-done to get Jordan out of my system.

Casual. Hot. Naked. Simple.

But when the clothes c…