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Release Blitz; Murder

Title: Murder Series: Sinful Secrets #2 Author: Ella James Genre: Romantic Suspense Release Date: May 31, 2016

Let me tell you now: I kill her.

I love Gwenna White more than my life. And still – I'm her demise.

It should have been simple. Easy come, easy go, and in between: atonement. She was not who I'd have chosen. Gwen was delicate and lovely: a former model with a ruined life, living loudly in the quiet of the Smoky Mountains, healing injured bears. When she laid her hands on me, she healed me, too. That's how it began. That's where it went wrong.

I knew she could never be mine. But I sinned.

I sinned.


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Release Blitz; Scorched

Title: Scorched Author: R. Holmes Publisher: Fifth Ink Publishing, LLC. Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance Release Date: May 30, 2016

Hale Jarreau left my life the same way he entered it - all at once.

We once burned like a fire, raging and consuming and I spent my life loving him. I didn't have a choice.

And then, he was gone; leaving my heart aching and my soul empty.

Time doesn't heal a damn thing and pain comes in many forms. But time only makes that pain ache deeper.

It makes forgetting impossible.

Every love has its story. This one is ours.


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R. Holmes is from a tiny itty bitty town in southern Louisiana where everyone knows everyone. Land of alligators, boudin balls, and Mardi Gras. She spends her days being a savvy business woman/super mom and her nights writing sexy alpha men with hearts just as big as their egos. She plans on writing until her fingers fall off but really hopes to have to never write a biography again.

Release Blitz; Hold You Against Me

Title: Hold You Against Me
Series: Stripped  Author: Skye Warren
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 31, 2016

From New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren comes a sexy new novel in the Stripped series…

Once upon a time the daughter of a mafia king fell in love with a foot soldier.

This fairy tale didn't have a happy ending.

My sister and I barely managed to escape alive, and we've lived in relative hiding ever since. I'm safe now, but I can never forget the boy who gave his life to save mine.

Except there's a chance that he's still alive. And he's fighting a war.

Even knowing the risks, I have to find him. I have to find some way to protect him, the way he protected me. But he isn't the boy I left behind. He's a violent man. A criminal. And he's been waiting for me--the final pawn in a dark game of survival and love.


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Book Blitz; Sweet Jayne

Sweet Jayne by K. Webster
Publication Date: May 31, 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Dark, Romance, Standalone

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Nadia Jayne’s world is full of villains. Kasper thinks he hates her. Donovan thinks he loves her. Logan thinks he owns her.
Sweet Jayne is a complicated girl… She needs Kasper. She hides from Donovan. She has a plan for Logan. But maybe complicated Jayne isn’t so sweet after all… In fact, she might just be the biggest villain of them all.
WARNING: Story contains dark taboo themes and violence both sexual and physical which could trigger emotional distress in reader.


What can I say that I haven't already said about K Webster. She is truly one sick, crazy person. But I love everything she comes up with. Once I started reading Sweet Jayne, I couldn't put it down. Something about all of her books has this effect on me.

This story is one crazy ride. I found myself asking myself "WTF&qu…

Review Tour; Reawakened Secrets

Title: Reawakened Secrets

Series: Reawakened #1

Author: Mari Denae


Published: October 26, 2015 Some secrets should never be kept...
 Growing up in the servant’s quarters at Haven Hill, Claire Brown was a poor outcast living in a world of money and privilege.  Her only solace was best friend, Alice Sinclair and secret desire, Jackson Montgomery.   Rich and connected, they were perfect in every way and perfect for each other. 
Still, Claire was foolish enough to fall in love with Jackson, and desperate enough to hide it.  When Alice found out, there was a terrible accident that left her in a coma. 
Jackson disappeared, leaving New Haven without even saying good­bye.  Ten years later, Claire has managed to build a life without them.
 So when Jackson calls out of nowhere to say Alice is awake, Claire’s first thought is Thank God.
 Her second? I’m screwed.
 Lusting after Jackson destroyed her.  It’s nothing compared to what she’s hiding now. 
But nothing stays hidden forever.


Kindle Unlimi…

Book Blitz; Grin and Beard It

Grin and Beard Itby Penny Reid Winston Brothers #2 Publication Date: May 31, 2016 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy
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BlurbSienna Diaz is everyone’s favorite “fat” funny lady. The movie studio executives can’t explain it, but her films are out-grossing all the fit and trim headliners and Hollywood’s most beautiful elite. The simple truth is, everyone loves plus-sized Sienna. But she has a problem, she can’t read maps and her sense of direction is almost as bad as her comedic timing is stellar. Therefore, when Sienna’s latest starring role takes her to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park she finds herself continually lost while trying to navigate the backroads of Green Valley, Tennessee. Much to her consternation, Sienna’s most frequent savior is a ridiculously handsome, charming, and cheeky Park Ranger by the name of Jethro Winston. Sienna is accustomed to high levels of  man-handsome, so it’s not Jethro’s chiseled features…

Release Blitz; Wanted

Title: Wanted Series: A Monster Billionaire Romance Author: Jani Kay & Normandie Alleman Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: May 31, 2016


I spent the last five years locked in a cage for a crime I didn’t commit.

Crucified by the press and social media. Hated by all.

But now that I’m a free man, I’m determined to prove I’m not the evil mastermind everyone thinks I am.

I just need someone to believe in me.

Someone like Addison James…


Foster Cruise is sexy as hell and worth billions. But he destroyed my family.

He may have gone to prison, but he hasn’t paid nearly enough for what I’ve lost.

He has no idea who I am, but I’m determined to prove what the law failed to—and put him back behind bars where he belongs.

I’ll offer him my body and sell my soul to that handsome-as-hell devil to make things right.

Trouble is, I’m afraid he’s already stolen my heart.

Adult content suitable for 18+
Language and sexual situations.

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