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Book Talk Review; Get Me

The final book in the amazing Keatyn Chronicles by Jillian Dodd is finally here!

 Get Me...

Will Keatyn get her life back?
And if she does, which life will she choose?

This is the 6th and final book in the series.
 The short little blurb has everything we've been wondering for over two years now. 
 Will Keatyn get her life back? Which life will she choose? Who is her perfect boy? All that and more is answered in this book. 
 As I can't give you any spoilers I'm going to say what I can and hope it makes sense. And tease you with how amazing it is. And bore you with how often I use the word amazing and talk about how this book made me feel and all the emotions etc.
 I don't even know where to start with this book. 
 Get Me starts off right where Hate Me left off. So for those of you who read Hate Me, you already know that it's emotional. Right off the bat the tears were flowing. 
 And it seemed with each page the tears flow got heavier and heavier. And then they stopped. N…

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A Perfect Moment (Perfect, #1) by Becca Lee

$0.99 Sale Blitz

“When life threatens perfect, it’s time to step up and kick life in the balls.”

Ella's perfect moment was taken from her in the worst possible way.
Humiliated, heartbroken and absolutely determined not to allow her heart
be destroyed for a second time, she builds an ice wall around her heart.
Preston has known that he was in love with his big sister's best friend since
the age of fifteen.  Over ten years on, an opportunity to be her knight in
shining armour is too good to miss.  Putting his heart on the line, he's on a
mission to show Ella that the perfect moment is possible.

Ella's instinct is to run when she realises her feelings for her bestie's little
brother may just run a little bit deeper than just friends.  But if she can't run,
she'll try every trick in the book to shake off his affection and realign his
She already had her perfect moment, and there is no chance she'll let her

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Us (L & J #3) by Emily Eck Synopsis

Told from dual points of view, Elle and J must figure out how to bring down an MC, steer clear of flying bullets in Missouri and south of the border, all the while making sure Fernie is out of the line of fire. Elle's love for J is tested, as is her belief that she will ever find "normal" with the man she loves. J is determined to make things right so he can give Elle the "normal" life she deserves. He just has to stay alive to make it happen. With his own personal sun by his side, he knows nothing is impossible. That is, until the bullets are redirected from his head to Elle's.

Elle: I held my hand up, showing him the ring he’d put on me. “This is us,” I told him. It was more than a ring. Well, to me it was more. “I promise to love you ‘til the day I die.”

J:"Us, baby. This is us. I'll love you 'til the sun ceases to shine."
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Book Talk Review; Hate Me

Okay y'all, here's the Book Talk for Hate Me, The Keatyn Chronicles Book 5

I was told if I went away, he'd forget about me, lose interest, and move on.
But he hasn't.
In fact, my being gone has only made things worse.
So it's time for me to take matters into my own hands.
It's time for me to fight back.
Hey, Vincent. You ready for a little chaos?
 I know I've said this already a few times. But this is my favorite book in the whole Series! (Even after reading Get Me I still love this book!) 
 Even after knowing what happens in this book. Even after this book destroyed my heart! 
 This is still my favorite in the series! 
 Hate Me starts up right where Adore Me ends. 
 After riding the high of Thanksgiving Break Keatyn is back at Eastbrooke. But now, she has a plan, one that could change things drastically for everyone. 
 Keatyn decides that she's done hiding, she's done messing around, it's not working anyway. Now it's time to take matter i…

Blog Tour; Trust Me

Synopsis Rivers Edge Series – Book 1 After all of the devastating betrayals by the one she loved, Twenty-two year old Avery Stevens has spent three years raising her daughter alone, with her family and best friend as a support system, never leaving her small hometown of Rivers Edge, Missouri.  Though Rivers Edge holds the pain of her past, it also holds the one person she wants but can’t have – her brother’s best friend, Maddox Jackson.  When she learns the attraction might not be one-sided, will Avery be able to trust Maddox with the one thing she’s held onto tightly for the past few years?
Police officer Maddox Jackson is a ladies’ man with one foot out the door.  Never planning to settle down, Maddox fights the attraction he feels for his best friend’s little sister, Avery.  But can he continue to fight it when his body and his heart are leading him to the one woman he shouldn’t want?
When secrets are finally exposed, can Avery and Maddox trust each other enough to overcom…

Blog Tour; Nothing But Trouble

Title: Nothing But TroubleSeries: Trouble #4 Author: Erin Kern Release Date: August 15, 2014

Rebecca Underwood likes her life the way it is. Quiet. Plain. Predictable. For years she worked her tail off in medical school and finally achieved her ultimate goal of working in a private practice. She sees nothing but smooth sailing ahead of her. That is, until she finds herself having to deal with the one man who has the ability to send her quiet and plain world into a tail-spin.

Master mechanic R.J. Devlin specializes in restoring classic cars. He’s poured blood, sweat and tears into building his own auto shop from the ground up. For him, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting a healthy amount of grease under his nails...except a green-eyed red-head who could bring him to his knees faster than he can say Corvette. So when Rebecca Underwood brings her father’s classic car to him for restoration, he jumps at the opportunity—for more reasons than one. Rebecca has alwa…

Blog Tour; Into The Night

Into the Light (The Dark Angel Series) by Kat T. Masen Publication: August 23, 2014 Synopsis“I need to tell you why I was so afraid to fall in love with you again. Why from the moment I saw you in the restaurant I tried to deny any feelings I still had for you. Why I pushed you away, why I lied to you that day in the hospital... It all started during the summer break of 2005, exactly sixty days since the last time I had seen you...”

He was the Dark Angel. He came and stole what she had desperately tried to hold onto: her heart. Charlie Mason thought she knew better until her insecurities overruled and she again believed he broke her.

In a bid to finally find their happily ever after, Lex and Charlie find themselves on a journey of learning how to love again. They began a new future to move forward from a broken past, but life is never so easy. When you finally have the one thing you’ve always wanted, what do you do when that place of darkness finds its way back, shat…

Book Talk Review; Adore me

Adore me is a fun Novella in The Keatyn Chronicles. It covers Keatyn's Thanksgiving Break.

Join Keatyn on Thanksgiving Break in this Keatyn Chronicles novella.

I’ve finally become the kind of girl my little sisters could look up to.
Except for the lies.
Lying to my friends is killing me.
And the longer I’m there—the closer we get—the more I feel like I’m being eaten from the inside out.
If I go back to Eastbrooke, I’ll end up nothing but a shell.
So I'm not going back.
I'm going to St. Croix by myself. And for the first time in my life, I'm okay with being alone.

Except...I don't actually end up on the island alone.
 Adore me is the little break in between Love me and Hate Me.
 Love Me ends right as Keatyn is on her way to the Plane to go to St. Croix . 
 Keatyn has accepted that she is going to be alone and she wants to be, she thinks that it will be best fro her. To get a little breathing room, to be herself. 
 Only Keatyn doesn't end up on the island alone …

Release Day Blitz; Shimmer

Shimmer (Breathe #2) by Elena Dillon


YA Romantic Suspense

Book 2 in the Breathe Series:

Chandler Raines and her “dad” are on the run.  Never staying in one place for very long.  It’s just not safe.  When they arrive in Lafayette, Louisiana, Chandler quickly realizes this is the place she wants to call home.  Friends, a cute boy, and competitive cheerleading have her taking dangerous risks to have the life she always wanted.  Risks she promised she wouldn’t take.  When her lies catch up to her, a decision has to be made.  Stay or run?  Will the evil that’s chased them for the last four years catch up to them?  When Chandler’s past comes screeching into the present she’ll have to sacrifice everything to keep what she loves safe.  But will it be enough?

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