Book Talk Review; Adore me

 Adore me is a fun Novella in The Keatyn Chronicles. It covers Keatyn's Thanksgiving Break.

Join Keatyn on Thanksgiving Break in this Keatyn Chronicles novella.

I’ve finally become the kind of girl my little sisters could look up to.
Except for the lies.
Lying to my friends is killing me.
And the longer I’m there—the closer we get—the more I feel like I’m being eaten from the inside out.
If I go back to Eastbrooke, I’ll end up nothing but a shell.
So I'm not going back.
I'm going to St. Croix by myself. And for the first time in my life, I'm okay with being alone.

Except...I don't actually end up on the island alone.

 Adore me is the little break in between Love me and Hate Me.

 Love Me ends right as Keatyn is on her way to the Plane to go to St. Croix . 

 Keatyn has accepted that she is going to be alone and she wants to be, she thinks that it will be best fro her. To get a little breathing room, to be herself. 

 Only Keatyn doesn't end up on the island alone after all. While I can't give you spoilers and reveal who ends up on the island with Keatyn, I can tell you how amazing this book is. 

 For being such a short book Jillian packs a lot of information in it.

 This book is sweet, it is short, and it is fun. 

 Not only is this book a fun Thanksgiving with Keatyn and three of her friends, but it is also one where Keatyn has to deal with the difficulty of saying good bye. 

 Keatyn makes decisions in Love Me, and in Adore Me, decisions that could change everything. 

 This made my heart smile and it was nice to see Keatyn have some fun without worrying about anything else. 

 Keatyn makes choices and she makes ones that could alter her life on a different path.After Love Me Keatyn understands what it means to love yourself.

 During Adore Me she tries to use that towards loving someone else.

 What started out as a relaxing vacation alone on a beautiful island turns out more perfect than imagined.

 Keatyn not only has fun but she makes memories that will sty with her, for however long she has.

 Because all good things have to eventually come to an end.

*Quote- "Fate brings people into your life, but it's up to you to decide who gets to stay." -Grandma Douglas

                   "Everyone falls in love at different times in their lives. And when you're in it, you think you know what it's like to be in love. Until you meet your true love and feel the real thing."


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