Book Talk Review; Providence

 Book one in The Providence Series by Jamie McGuire

 In the old world shadows of Providence, Rhode Island, Nina Grey finds herself the center of a war between Hell and Earth.

 Struggling with her father’s recent death, Nina meets Jared Ryel by chance…or so she believes. 
 Although his stunning good looks and mysterious talents are a welcome distraction, it soon becomes clear that Jared knows more about Nina than even her friends at Brown University.
  When her father’s former associates begin following her in the dark, Nina learns that her father is not the man she thought he was, but a thief who stole from demons. 
Searching for the truth behind her father's death, Nina stumbles upon something she never expected- Something Hell wants- and only she holds the key.
 When questions outnumber answers, Jared risks everything to keep the woman he was born to save—by sharing the secret he was sworn to protect.
 This book is different than Jamie's other books. This one is more than a love story, it has Heaven and Hell. It has Demons and Half-Blood Angels. 

 I loved Nina and Jared. Jared is different than Jamie's other BBF's. I loved him, he had loved Nina from afar for years. Never thinking about the possibility of her loving him as well.

 When that time comes and there is more things at work than the love between the couple, the truth must come out. And with it the consequences.

 Nina finds the man she admired and looked up to is not the man at all. He's something else. Her father deals in more than his business. And now his enemies are after Nina.

 Jared has been forced to hide in the shadows for years. Forced to love Nina from afar. Until the truth of the death of Nina's father must come out. Until the enemies decide to come after Nina.

 Nina not only learns the truth and is forced to come to terms with the fact that the life she thought her father lived is not his life at all. She also falls in love with the man of her dreams. Someone who knows her and who has loved her for years. It soon seems to good to be true.

 The choices and decisions that were made in this book were hard ones. I really felt in the moments of anger and sadness for both Nina and Jared.

 This is one Jamie book that took me forever to read but I'm glad that I did. I love Jamie's writing style. I know that anything she writes I'll love to read.

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