Book Talk Review; Love Me

 Book Four in the Keatyn Chronicles.

 Love Me...

My mom says that you can’t love someone until you learn to love yourself.
So even though Vincent is getting more and more scary.
Even though he’s doing a nationwide search for me.
I’m going to learn to love myself.

Well, I’m going to try.
Mostly, I want a boy to love me.
But which one?

Dawson - The gorgeous boy who made a mistake, but whose molten lava kisses and steaminess I can’t freaking resist.
Aiden - The God of all Hotties, who is practically infused with love potion. Who I thought liked me, but now says he wants to be my friend.
Brooklyn - The boy that first stole my heart. Who has always loved me. Well, until the whole cabana incident.

I mean, it was bad enough when there was sort of a love triangle, but now that I’m talking to B again, it’s like I’m in a love rectangle, or a rhombus, or something.

Oh, and did I mention Cooper Steele?
The new soccer coaching, health teaching, tattooed hunk?
Who Garrett sent to school to guard my body.
I mean, be my bodyguard.

But back to loving me.
I should forget about boys and worry about me.
Love me.
Like, eventually.
 Love Me starts where Date Me leaves off. 
 While I can't explain what exactly went on at the end of Date Me, lets just say I was one happy girl at that. 

 And so I was anxious to get this book so that I could read what happened and of course Jillian took this book down a path that I never expected. 

 I think everything becomes more real. Like in this Book Keatyn does a lot of growing. We see her change. 

 She becomes the person she's supposed to be. And we see all the characters change. 

 If we look back on the Books from Stalk Me to now, a lot has happened in four books. 

 I think Keatyn gets the most out of her time at Eastbrooke. She is in the play, she is on the soccer team, she is on the dance team. She finally has real friends.

 But how real can your friends be when you have to lie to them about who you are?

 Keatyn is talking to B again and as much as she loves her new life she misses her old one. She knows that B is part of her old one.

 That's all Keatyn wants. To be home again. But she knows that with Vincent still out there she can't have that.

 And now there's Cooper. Garrett sent Cooper to be Keatyn's bodyguard after the what happened in Date Me.

Cooper who's job is to protect Keatyn under the cover of the new Soccer Coach/Health Teacher.

 I think that Love Me takes all the emotions and all the love that is scattered throughout the series and throws it all in this book.

 Keatyn learns that even though it might be nice to have a guy fall in love with her. It's more important to love yourself first.

 And she does. Keatyn learns that to get through this she must first love herself, so she can be the person who can love and be loved by someone else.

 This book shows a lot of the characters' growth. It shows a lot of things that need to be decided, even though they are young.

 The whole Back and forth thing that goes on in this book is something that can be understood because they are so young even though they act so mature sometimes.

 Keatyn doesn't really know what to do, but while she does make mistakes that's what teens her age are supposed to do.

 There is so much truth behind the lies in this book that I can feel the frustration from K.I can feel the pain and the heartache. I can feel everything.

 On Tuesday the Book Talk for Adore Me Book #4.5 will be up. Adore Me is just a Novella covering Thanksgiving Break, but it is full of fun and heart.

  *Quote- "I do want to be your friend, Boots. I want to be your everything." -Aiden

                "A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness." -Brooklyn (John Keats)

                 "Life is not measured by the quantity of breaths we take, but rather by the moments that took our breath away."

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