Scheduling for April

 *Notice- Schedule may vary from day to day.

 The April Schedule is looking a little like this.
 Last Saturday we started our week off with a Author Talk on Colleen Hoover. We've had two Book Talks on the first two books in The Slammed Series since then. Tomorrow, Saturday the 12th the final Book will be up, then I will move into the Hopeless Series, then Maybe Someday.
 I want to get another Author Talk in there, and we have a few more Blog Tours coming up.

 After The Colleen Hoover Feature runs, I have planned to do a Heidi McLaughlin Feature.

 That is what the Schedule for April is roughly (Things can always change depending on circumstance) But so far things are looking good.

 Sorry it took so long to post, I'll try to have next month's Schedule up earlier.


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