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Friction by Sapphire Knight



I lost my mind that day.

I arrived home, to my wife’s sweet color, stripped. 
Her body motionless, slain in a puddle of blood, her delicate skin, riddled with multiple stab wounds. 
The brutality of the rape was horrendous.
 My precious little girl lain in the middle of the floor, pillow securely duct taped on her face.
 Her tiny body, left unmoving. 
I’ve never screamed so savagely, wishing I was dead before in my life.


I’ve long given up on any light in my life, jaded. 
I wasn’t expecting to be blinded with friction, by a fucking ray of sunshine.



I had no idea what to do with my life or my baby’s. 
I trusted the wrong man, who turned out to be a ghost, disappearing, leaving me scattered. 
I head to my brothers club, in hopes of leaning on the only shoulder I’ve ever known.


What I find instead, is a hunter.
 A fiercely loyal, broken man, just waiting for his next kill. 

A Taste of Bourbon

In the little highway town of Bourbon, Missouri, deadly secrets lurk behind Southern charm.

Seventeen year old Charli Valentine didn’t expect to spend the last few weeks of summer break nursing

a broken heart, icing a black eye, and watching her ex kiss another girl. Since being a good girl has gotten

her nothing but heartache, Charli decides to give rebellion a try. She pigs out, drinks, and hangs with

Luke Parker, the son of the infamous Bourbon Butcher.
But there’s more to Luke than meets the eye. 
His tough exterior and terrible dialect hide a good person despite his bad boy reputation. 
No matter how hard he tries to fight it, Luke is drawn to Charli’s innocence and finds her clumsiness too charming to resist. 
Though they’re from opposite sides of the tracks, neither can resist the magnetism drawing them together.

When Charli discovers a box in her mother’s closet, she pieces together the truth about Bourbon’s past and uncovers a deadly secret about her family.
 And once Luke learns of it, he vows to protect Charli no matter the cost. 

Same Difference


An exquisite transformation. 
A necessary mechanism of evolution whereby the change is not only in
appearance, but also behavior.
 My transformation possessed no beauty. 
Only pain. 
But just as the caterpillar morphs to a butterfly my strength is refined in the struggle, my flaws cocooned in the dark.
 If I survive the alteration my reward is to drink nectar and float on the breeze.
 Where I was once vulnerable, I will rise above. 
The same, but different.

My name is Paige.

I'm spreading my wings.


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