Foster An Author; JM Walker: Rude

"An unexpected evil brings both the MC and Military world together in this brand new series by J.M. Walker"


His past haunts him.
Broken and destroyed, keep him silent and withdrawn.

Vice-One is the family he had always needed
but it isn’t enough. Shadows of a nightmare threaten to
take back the control he craves until Brogan Tapp
unknowingly puts him in his rightful place.

She pretends to be happy.
Smile. Laugh. Repeat.
Going through the emotions of everyday life when really,

she’s a scared little girl on the inside.
She tries hard to be what society considers as normal
when Coby Porter helps her embrace the darkness within.
He shows her it’s okay to be different.

Their souls collide, giving them the comfort they need

when an unknown source takes pleasure
in trying to rip them apart.

Warning: This book deals with some darker subjects. If you have any triggers at all,
please read with caution but know that there is always light within the darkness.

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Featured Reader Review:
5 STARS ✰✰✰✰✰

Fabulous journey for two beautifully damaged souls.

The saga continues with King’s Harlots and Vice-One. This is Brogan and Coby’s story. All of the characters have a ton of depth and some level of brokenness to them but Brogan and Coby seem to the most ‘broken’. Brogan grew up in a male dominated household, she is the tough chick that likes to inflict pain, over the years people felt she was mentally unstable so she lives that and believes it.

Coby’s darkness is harder to understand but when he finally reveals the true source of his pain and devastation, well, it surprised me. He is a true strong dominate alpha male with a heart of gold that had been shattered. Brogan and Coby are drawn to each other’s darkness but neither believe
they can have a long-term relationship.

As these 2 risk themselves on a potential relationship, the human trafficking case comes front and center to push them both to their limits. As always, J.M. Walker delivers incredibly intense drama and suspense with support hot passion and sex. Brogan and Coby are beautifully broken which made this captivating to read as they worked to find a way out of the darkness, or just on a different path,
to a brighter future.
~ Mary Jo Toth


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