Foster An Author; JM Walker: Numb

He doesn’t remember.
In the beginning, women and alcohol were one in

the same. Until he met her.
The pain and heartache he caused her died

when he was shot and fell into a coma.
Waking up is the only way he can get back to

Maxine Stanton while she does everything she can
to push him away.

She hates him.
Every fiber of her being loathes the man

she fell in love with but she can’t control
her heart and wants him just the same.
When Dale Michaels finally wakes up, 
realizes they need to end this once and for all,
before it destroys them both.

When an unexpected source rips through what they’ve worked hard to maintain,

only then do they realize the full potential of their love.

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5 STARS ✰✰✰✰✰

This book tackles an incredibly difficult subject, one I've personally lived through. I found myself crying at times, angry and frustrated at others. Both characters are emotionally immature, Dale much more so. Considering their upbringing that's certainly no surprise so I understand it on that level. The world is full of messed up people finding their way. You're not going to find hearts and flowers and some Cinderella romance here. What you get is not just rough around the edges, it's sharp and jagged. Dark themes underscore their struggle and compound their grief. They walk away and come back and do it again and it will frustrate the heck out of the reader. That said, it's more real and honest than other stories out there. Love isn't always pretty, in this case it's a bit ugly. But it's still love. Going into this I hated Dale. No...I loathed him. And at the end I can't say that I like him. I don't necessarily hate him anymore either, though. I pity him and I dislike him. I pity Max but I like her. And I understood how she felt over her loss. Feeling that loss is unlike anything else, it's a confusing jumble of emotions that I found was captured well. The fact that I can read a book, still not like the characters but am eager for the next book is a testament to the authors skill. This isn't all about romance. It's about a story, a journey for two broken people making their way in the world together. I read a great many books and of those I don't remember many in detail. This is one is those books that I will never read again but that I have burned into memory and am glad I've taken the journey with them.


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