Foster an Author; JM Walker: Grit

*Can be read as a standalone novel*

"An unexpected evil brings both the MC and Military world together in this brand new series by J.M. Walker"

He refuses to fall in love.
He was born alone and he will die alone. Or, at least he thought so until now.
Vice-One is all he knows. His squad. His brothers. The men he spends every day protecting. He is empty and only one person can fill this void. This darkness.
Meanwhile, Genevieve Gold makes it clear he should stay away when she is everything he craves.

She is lost.
Her heart has been ripped out; stomped on...crushed into tiny pieces,
leaving only a gaping hole behind.

King's Harlots is all she has. Her club. Her sisters. Her life.
But something is missing until he shows up.

Angel Rodriguez is everything she hates but everything she needs.

Putting differences aside, they will work together to bring down a malevolent force
threatening to rip them apart...

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Featured Reader Review:

5 STARS ✰✰✰✰✰

J.M. Walker rocked my world with this book!

I was in a real book funk and no book was catching my interest at all. I love MC reads. Most of my favorite books are MC books. I love the Alpha male biker falls for the softer women. I love these type of books so when I started Grit and seen Jay was a female president of an all womens club I was thrown and thought my book slump would continue. OH HELL WRONG I WAS. J.M. Walker was able to change my mind about women and the club life. I mean Jay was a smart ass tough president but boy did she have a softer side that needed a powerful dominate man. Angel fit that bill he was so alpha that he controlled her but also let her rule her club. J.M. created great characters that not only did you fall in love with you knew their stories were going destroy you. Jay and Angel were fighting against human trafficking. J.M. wrote this story in away that had you cheering for the good guys, crying for the evil in the world and wanting to punch certain people. This book doesn't end in a cliffhanger but each of the main Characters will get their story and their story runs around the same human trafficking story line.

I wish I could do justice with this review. I mean I went on a book binge as I read the first four books in this series in 24 hours. I couldn't put this series down. J.M. touched my heart and soul with this book. She shocked me with twist and turns I didn't see coming. Her characters, not only did I see little pieces of myself in them you could identify with them and their struggles.
~ Terri-lynn Jeavons


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