Book Talk Review; All Of The Colors

All of the Feels...

poetry by bestselling author seth king on love, death, adulthood, letting go, growing up lgbt+ in the deep south, and accepting the person you were born to be


This is hard. It's hard because I'm unsure of how to review the contents of this book. Seth King blew me away-he always does, but this is different. Bear with me as I try to come up with a coherent thought.

The reason I love reading Seth's work is because he's real. His words are relevant, his words are true, his words are raw. And that has never been a truer statement than when talking about All of the Colors. Because what you get with this collection is the man deep, deep down. What you get is the beautiful soul laid out in front of you-in all of it's not so pretty colors.

I sobbed, I felt breathless in places because I recognized myself in so much. The hard parts, the ones that cut deep are the ones that reminded me of things I rather not remember. And that is gold, because never before have I felt like someone understood. And with his words, with these poems, Seth King showed that he did understand, because he's felt it all too. He feels it all too. Seth was as honest as a person can get, I could never do something like that. I admire him more than I ever thought possible.

With All of the Colors you get poems that are beautiful, they are heartbreaking, they are raw. If you read this you will feel. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Thank you Seth King for putting yourself out there in such a raw form. Thank you for showing me that I am not alone in some of my feelings. Thank you for your beautiful words, your beautiful soul.



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