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My name is Kristina.

My past is violent and dark, complex and complicated. I wasn't living, I was struggling to survive. And years passed before I finally mustered the courage to say out loud. "I am a victim."

I found salvation from the violence on a family farm. And my chaotic life finally steered toward normality.

I didn't look for love, but it found me nonetheless. One look at Viktor – a beautiful man with a magical voice – was enough to sway my world.

And beside him, I finally started to live...


My insides are squirming, contracting, and increasingly yearning for his flesh as hard as steel. I moan imploringly. He smiles and his warm breath travels down my femininity. My thighs are shaking, my stomach trembling. His tongue lazily plows my groove. Up and down. Every touch is gentle and careful, the rhythm controlled. Everything he does is dedicated only to one goal – to take me into a world of ecstasy by worshipping me.

"Giiive me..." I wail.

He lets out a guttural growl and straightens up abruptly. He turns me over, grabs a pillow, and puts it under my stomach. He leans forward, presses his nose into my hair and whispers in my ear. "Do you know what you do to me when you beg me like that?"

Oh, fuck! The raw dominance in his voice makes my pulse race. My fists feverishly clutch the soft cotton sheets. I'm waiting – with my face and chest pressed against the mattress, my back curved in an arch, and my butt high in the air. I'm exposed. My breathing is heavy. I patiently wait for what will happen next.

He straddles me. His large hand appears before my eyes, right next to mine. His strength mesmerizes me. The decisive movements with which he unconditionally carries out his will awaken a primal desire – a desire to be possessed, by him and nobody else.

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