Book Talk Review; Daddy Issues

This book is SO good. And hot! 

Eliot Prince is falling hard for someone…
His mom’s gay ex-husband.

Their bond is forbidden. Their relationship could upend lives. But their love? It’s a force of nature...
Ten years ago, a desperate and confused Robert Glazer briefly married a woman before confronting his sexuality and starting his life as an out gay man. They divorced and lost contact – until now.

Today, a sudden family death throws Robert and his ex-wife back together for the first time. That’s where Robert meets her son Eliot, who was raised with his own father and is now a gorgeous – and openly gay – adult. And to Robert and Eliot’s surprise, sparks fly.

Passion ignites, then threatens to explode. Soon Eliot knows three things. One: Robert is not his father figure, and never was – in fact, he barely remembers him. Two: news of their union would still rock his whole world. And three: he craves Robert more than anything he has ever wanted before. And as suspicions arise, their attraction only grows… 


It’s that time again, Book Talkers, Seth King wrote a book and I read it. It gets harder and harder to review his books, to find words I didn’t use before that would adequately describe what I read. 

Daddy Issues is a May/December book that is so much more than that. It’s heart, it’s humor, it’s enough sexual tension to drive me insane, and it’s emotion that Seth King has proven famous for. 

Let’s be real here, I wanted to read this book because Seth King wrote it. It was only an added bonus that it had one of the more intriguing premises I’ve seen in a while. (And I only gagged a little bit at the title and the jokes because it’s not that type of daddy book.) 

Eliot and Robert were once upon a time related. As in Robert was married to Eliot’s mother ten years ago, though married is a very strong word for what the two of them had. Now the two men find themselves thrown together and just itching to touch one another. 

Personally I don’t think any other author but Seth King could have written this book.  This book is good. Really good. I couldn’t stop reading. It’s written in Seth’s distinctive and unique style of writing. The way the story unfolds it wouldn’t be the same if any other author had written it. 

Eliot and Robert have such chemistry. Their passion and the sexual tension is off the charts hot. And while there is insta-lust it’s a slow burn. They don’t have sex until they get to know each other and build a relationship and to me that is the most important thing to them. Anything less and the connection between them wouldn’t have been the same.

I cried a little bit (who’s surprised) Seth King almost got hate mail from me because I was terrified. But he’s an evil genius. One who made me feel while I was reading one of this hottest books. Because in every single book there's a line or two, that resonates deep inside of me. I really need to stop pretending I have any idea of what this man is going to bring.

Book Talkers, if you love May/December books, if you love movies like Clueless, and if you’re looking for something that his hot and witty then pick up this latest from Seth King. I knew it was going to be good, but damn.


“Volcanoes can change entire landscapes in minutes. He was my volcano.”

“Almost everyone finds their firestarter the person who lights the eternal flame in you, the one that burns everlasting.”

“Some love never really leaves. It just retreats. But that doesn’t mean it is gone.”

“Don’t you ever apologize for doing something that made you happy.” 


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