Book Talk Review; Glitter

After a devastating breakup, Sean thinks his best days are behind him. But after a chance meeting with an enigmatic drag queen named Sissy von Glitter, Sean finds himself seeing things in a whole new light...

I don’t need to remind y’all how much I love Seth King. Everything he writes is gold, and that couldn’t be truer when it comes to Glitter.

Glitter documents the feelings of Sean after the man he’s been in love with for years breaks his heart—again. I’m not going to lie, this book hurts, a lot. Because I know where the inspiration comes from. I know that Glitter isn’t just a short story about lost love, but something that happened in real life. And that hurt my heart and made me cry because nobody deserves that. Especially someone with as beautiful as a soul as Seth King.

Glitter packs a punch. It’s beautiful. There's inspiration for everyone there. And I think Seth King so brave and big hearted and he kills me with his words.

Heartbreaking yet motivating at the same time.

I think this piece is open and honest and encouraging to others who may have experienced something similar. Breakups are never easy. I’ve been there, done that, torched the T-shirt. Breakups that seem to come out of nowhere. That takes the Great Love of your Life out of said life is devastating. It doesn’t matter who you are.

What Seth King does is not only work to healing himself but helps give others the jumpstart they need. They’re able to see themselves in the pain. They’re able to connect and maybe they’ll be able to take something away from this journey.

Sissy von Glitter is a sassy drag queen who helps Sean look at himself and his breakup differently. She helps Sean find his glitter and sparks a bit of hope, not only in him but in the reader as well. Because while you’ll never be able to “get over” someone you loved like that, you will be able to live without them. Will it hurt? Yes. But taking back your life and letting your glitter shine.

Glitter is beautiful, it’s painful, and I think it’s what everyone who’s ever lived someone needs to read.



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