Blog Tour; The Ties That Bind

Title: The Ties that Bind

Author: S. Davidson
Genre: M/M Fiction

Release Date: June 1, 2017  

Cover Art: Rue Volley

  Editor: CSL Editing Service  

Publisher: Encompass Ink Publishing

Flashback 1990's - Rollerblades, bungee jumping, the laptop, cellular phones the size of bricks, and AIDS - the gay men's cancer
This is a story about love, friendship, and family. It is a story about growing up, about trying to change the past and the realization that no matter how fast, or how far we run, that The Ties That Bind us as children, many times come back to haunt us as adults.

 We become part of the life of a young counselor, Morgan, who specializes working with homeless, male hustlers. He seems like an angel from heaven to many. He cares deeply for every one of his boys and would literally die to save them from harm. He deprives himself of life's basic needs in order to reach just one more, but why? Morgan has his own agenda to work out, his own demons to exorcise.

 While avoiding his own past, he meets a particular young man, Greg, who is able to see through this well-crafted, public image. Greg sees Morgan's pain and denial. It is in this discovery, this role reversal that Greg, a life-long hustler begins to heal himself. He helps Morgan come to terms with his own violent past. 

Greg becomes his strength, the knife to cut the rope and release the guilt Morgan has denied for years. Just as they both begin to heal, Greg discovers the truth. 

The Ties That Bind can sometimes be very restricting but many times we find that The Ties That Bind can also provide our strength. The Ties That Bind are necessary for the sustenance of life.

The past four years has brought many books in my path. Some have moved and touched me, some have not. Some have made me cry, scream, and want to throw my kindle across the room (or put it in the freezer). I've read books that have made me roll my eyes and shake my head. 

But it's been a long time since a book has made me numb. A long time. 

The Ties That Bind is a book that hurts. It is not afraid of hurting you. It will make you fall over and over and over. Good and bad. You will fall. And you will ache. And then you will fall into the oblivion. 

I cannot tell you how this book affected me, because I am still assessing the damage.You have Greg, Morgan, and Tomi, three very different characters. Three very important characters. Three very hateful characters. Three very lovable characters. 

I wanted to shake Tomi. I wanted to shake Greg. I wanted to hug and then shake Morgan. I waned to hug Tomi and Greg too, but not as often as I wanted to shake them. From the first sentence to the last my heart was an open wound, just letting the reality flow in and out of it. 

While The Ties That Bind is a fictional tale, it has harsh reality. Reality that is not as deep in our history as we want it to be. 

This book. I can honestly say, I don't know what to do with it. I don't know what to do with a book that tore me apart while leaving me numb at the same time. I'm going to have to read it again and soon. The Ties That Bind is a story that has some romance in it, which I expected but at the same time didn't. After all, I knew it could only end in heartbreak. And I was right. It did end. But not in the way I expected. At this point, I don't know why I had any expectations. 

You might not like the content. You might hate the characters, you might find the love fake. But let me tell you, you don't want to miss out. No matter what you think. This book has a message that needs to be told. 

The Ties That Bind is about facing the truth about yourself and your past. Not until then will you be able to break the circle. It's about friendship, love, life, and not allowing your choices to dictate the rest of your life. It's about owning up to what you cannot change. It's simply everything that everyone needs to here. I feel honored to have read it. 


Shelly always had a goal to get a book in print. Well, that goal has been met. Another coming June 1, 2017, and one more still in the works. Always finding writing to be a way to escape into another world, M/M fiction is her passion and causing her beautiful boys a bit of agony is just what she does. None of her characters are flawless and most are pretty damn messed up! But they always persist, always try to be the best men they can be and hopefully find a kindred spirit along the way. Shelly is a mother, grandmother, and has a Bachelor’s in Social Services. Come on over to her Facebook page for current and upcoming release info. While she doesn't post about what she's having for dinner or what movie she's watching, she will give you info on her writing when there is news to share. Just remember, no matter who you are or what beliefs you practice, love is love and we all deserve to love.



  1. Abri,

    Wow. Thank you for the incredible review. I am overjoyed that it affected you so strongly.

    1. It was my pleasure. Definitely an experience I'm glad I had.



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